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Simplify everyday business tasks.

From Education and Training to Meetings and Conferences: Perfect Notes for Every Spoken Word.


Advanced Search and Recall for Quick Access to Crucial Moments

Dive into past meetings with ease, pinpointing exact moments or topics without sifting through hours of content.


Detailed Lecture Transcriptions for Enhanced Learning

Capture every crucial detail, ensuring students don't miss out on important information and can revisit lectures with ease.


Comprehensive Conference Transcriptions for Engaging Summaries

Capture the heart of every presentation, panel, and discussion, allowing attendees to review and reflect on key takeaways.

Unbeatable value, unmatched performance.

Extract the most value with speech-to-text and Language AI.

+90% accuracy

Our models lead the industry with most accurate models in market across use case categories.

+90% accuracy

80x lower cost

Compared to the average cost of having a professional transcriptionist transcribe your audio, our solution is 80x lower cost.

80x lower cost

Maximum flexibility

We provide flexible deployment options, robust features and multilingual support, and fit-for-purpose DSLMs easily adapted to your customers' unique needs.

Maximum flexibility

20x faster

Transcribe in real-time or an hour of pre-recorded audio in about 12 seconds.

20x faster

AI Algorithms That Understand Nuances.

Adaptable to Any Environment: From Noisy Meetings to Quiet Interviews.

We use language detection to identify the dominant language in your audio and transcribe in the identified language.

“detected_language”: “English”

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